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Dr. Ian Hyams is the medical director of the clinic, providing comprehensive healthcare, using state of the art technology to service his patients. The clinic is situated in beautiful Port Moody in the Suter Brook Village. 

Please contact us at 604-492-5177 to book an appointment or consultation.

About Us

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We started off as a family practice clinic, which has been operating for 18 yrs, and we have now grown into a full pain intervention service and a full aesthetic clinic 



Hyams Clinic Aesthetics will be introducing a new neurotoxin 
for wrinkles and crows feet as well as lower face treatment. 
Nuceiva is much the same as Botox and is producing dramatic results. 
We have an introductory offer for Botox treatment $9 per unit 
Please contact the office at 604 492 5177 or hyamsclinicinfo@gmail.com to reserve your spot 

Special Botox offer for Mother's Day


Spring Special!

Our clinic does offer Men's and Women's  Health rejuvenation treatment including Extracorporeal Shock Wave therapy and rejuvenation injections for erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease for men and treatment for women with urinary incontinence, lichen sclerosis and and reduced sexual function. This spring we have a special for men including free shock wave treatments when an injection treatment is purchased. For the ladies we are including a microneedling facial treatment for each women's sexual health enhancement injection. Contact the clinic for further information 

This very special offer is only available for the first 20 men and women to schedule their appointments  You are welcome to make an appointment with the office for a free consultation to learn more about these procedures and whether you are a suitable candidate 

Soft tissue and Joint injections 

Different rejuvenating  injections are proving to be an extremely advantageous addition to the arsenal of treatments we offer for chronic pain. Pain disorders such as rotator cuff strains and minor tears, chronic myofascial pain, chronic knee pain disorders such as minor meniscus tears and arthritis, all responding favourably to  injection therapies. 

Contact the clinic today for a pain assessment 

Hyams Clinic ME/Long Covid Program Announced 

Dr Ian Hyams is well known in the ME/CFS circles as a specialist with years of experience treating ME(Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He is one of the Medical Advisors for MEFM Society of BC and he served as the Clinical Lead at the Complex Chronic Diseases Program at BC Woman's Hospital. Dr Hyams believes that an integrated functional medicine program is the best way to manage ME and Long-haul Covid. 

Hyams Clinic is offering Functional Medicine Assessments for ME/CFS and Long-haul Covid patients. This entails 1-1 consultations with Dr Hyams, MSP covered lab work, MSP group therapy, functional medicine workup and interventional treatments 

For further information please contact the clinic. 604 492 5177 

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Functional Medicine Appointment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Long-haul Covid 





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Cheryl Dixon

I have been seeing Dr. Hyams for over 2 years and my quality of life has increased immensely. My pai...

Kelly Fallis

He is a fantastic doctor, he trys to go the natural route with life changes before needing to sugges...

Steve Wong

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